Marco x Slack: The Employee Experience-Building Dream Team

Marco is better with Slack. Install the Marco Slack Integration today to send your team a poll, get reservation status updates, send & receive RSVPs, and automate post-experience surveys for your whole team—right where they already are.

Our main purpose at Marco is to help companies bring their people together, and stay engaged with building their own culture. To do this, we are focused on building products that streamline, simplify, and enhance the process of planning experiences for employees, and collecting insights about them afterwards.

A question we are constantly coming back to is:

How do we better meet our customers where they are? How do we embed ourselves into the workflows of our users more efficiently?

And after dozens of conversations with our members and power users, one answer became clear: build Marco into platforms they use all day via powerful integrations.

And then the Marco Slack integration was born. 

Below, I'll walk you through the ways the Slack integration will make your life easier—in chronological order: from helping you decide on the right experience to book for your team all the way to surveying attendees post-experience. 

Put your team's next experience to a vote in Slack

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

1. Select a few of your Favorite Experiences

Intuitively filter for your needs and preferences on Marco's comprehensive In-person and Virtual Experiences Marketplace. Click the heart in the upper right hand corner of the experience card, and it will add it to your favorites.

2. Create a Poll

Simply create a poll by clicking "create poll" in the lower right hand corner of your screen (easy, huh?). This will collect all of your favorites for you into a poll. 

3. Share to Slack

Choose which channels or individuals you'd like to send your poll to, and fire away! Check out the quick demo below:

share poll (final)


Now, check out how easy, quick, and streamlined it is for your team to vote on their favorite experience(s) where they already spend all of their time: in Slack!

respond poll (final)


Now that the Slack integration has helped you figured out which experiences to book—on to its next trick: Inviting teammates and collecting RSVPs.

Invite your teammates & collect RSVPs in one click

We hear you, hounding teammates to RSVP and show up to a team event is tiresome. With the Slack integration, all you have to do is select the teammates you want to invite, and we'll do all the rest for you.

Similar to selecting teammates to send a poll, invite folks by selecting the right people and/or Slack channels. 

invite by dash (final)

Your invitees will get a notification right in Slack that they've been invited, and they'll also be asked to RSVP — which they can do with one quick click. And my personal favorite part about this feature, as a Google Calendar fanatic, is the automatic calendar invitation with all the event details that automatically sends at the same time.

Slack RSVP

With that level of communication in all the right places, it's hard for your teammates not to see the invites and requests to RSVP! And if that's not enough for some, we've built in automated reminders, just in case ;)

For you and for them:

Reminders Slack

For our customers who've installed the Slack integration, we've seen a substantial increase in RSVPs and experience attendance along with a reduction in the amount of work a booker needs to do to send communications (requests, RSVPs, reminders, follow ups). A true win-win!

Collect feedback & insights after the experience

Measuring the ROI of team experiences has always felt challenging. We believe that getting a quick pulse check on employee sentiment is a great start. And what better way to ensure high survey completion rate than making the survey quick and painless, and putting it right where employees are: in Slack.


By clicking "Happy, Neutral, or Unhappy," the vote will be recorded, but better yet, it'll open up into a more comprehensive survey, which employees can complete if they'd like. Regardless, you'll get their general sentiment—which is more valuable than you might think!

The efficacy of push notifications

We want to help our customers reach their employees more effectively. That's why we're excited to launch an easy way for Marco Admins and Bookers to send their teammates push notifications via Slack. 

Did you know:

Push Stats

So what are you waiting for?

Ready to start using the Marco Slack integration?

Whether you'd like a quick demo (book time here!) or you're more of a do-it-yourself type—I encourage you to try out the Marco Slack Integration. 

  • Got an experience coming up? Try inviting teammates & collecting RSVPs right in Slack!
  • No experiences on the horizon? Figure out what to book next by polling your team in Slack!
Now go ahead, install the Slack Integration!

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