5 Virtual Holiday Parties to Book for your Company this Year

Holiday party season is almost here — get inspired with these festive ideas.

It may be hard to believe, but the holiday party season is already on the horizon. With many companies still working entirely remotely or some combination of in-person and remote, teams are thinking of new ways to celebrate together.

The right virtual experience can bring your entire team together for the holidays, and it doesn’t have to just be a remote happy hour. Experiences can engage teams, foster a sense of unity, and be an amazing way to celebrate and close out a great year. 

To inspire your next virtual holiday party, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 virtual experiences to book this year. From culinary delights to a dash of magic, there’s something for every team.

1. A holiday cookie extravaganza

Screen Shot 2022-10-18 at 7-37-43 PM

Get into the spirit of the holidays with the smell of freshly-baked sugar cookies. In this virtual experience with Bake it with Mel, you'll learn how to make the absolute perfect sugar cookies. With kits delivered to doorsteps, your team will also receive a holiday cookie box to stash their homemade treats.

2. An apple pie baking class


Feel festive and get baking with a cozy apple pie class. Learn how to make delicious homemade apple pie — think super flaky crust, perfectly cinnamon-y apples, and topped with creamy vanilla ice cream. Let expert Chef Michele guide you through this virtual experience designed to help your team learn something new, get creative, and take some time for something fun and seasonal.

3. A guided, inclusive dinner party

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Be expertly guided through a Deep Dining experience from Inheritance Project, where your team can celebrate each other's culture and unique inheritance through food. Break bread virtually in this facilitated experience, designed to be inclusive and meaningful.

4. A get-to-know-you trivia session

IMG_4981 (1)

Learn about your team in a fun, festive way! In this guided virtual trivia experience from Convers(ate), the trivia clues come from your team! Think things like favorite holiday foods, traditions, end-of-year musings... have your team learn more about each other and bond in a unique, fun way. 

5. A festive candle making workshopIMG_4360Slow down with your team. Try your hand at crafting your very own homemade candle in this virtual experience from After Party Candle Co. Create a custom-scented, eco-friendly candle that you can enjoy in the chilly winter months ahead. 

Customize your holiday party with Marco

Sometimes one special event is just enough for a holiday celebration, but sometimes the perfect combination of experiences can take a holiday party to the next level. 

In 2020, Bain created a magical multi-experience event to celebrate as a team in partnership with Marco. More than 500 employees gathered virtually for five exceptional experiences. The event featured holiday-themed cocktails, an exceptional dinner, an interactive magic show, a bake-off, all finished off with a jazz performance from Lilan Kane.

If you’re looking to create an event that goes beyond Marco’s curated selection of experiences, simply get in touch and we’d love to plan something that’s just right for your team.

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