Let your team decide your next experience with a Marco Poll

So you've explored the Marco Experiences Marketplace and have some great ideas for your team, but you just can't decide? Put it to a vote!

Send your team a Marco Poll

We've heard it 100 times—the hardest part about booking an experience is actually deciding which experience to book. Some folks on your team like physical activity, some don't. Some people on your team drink white wine, while others exclusively drink Mai Tais (respect). Maybe your team's common denominator is pasta. Everyone loves pasta. But how can you find out what those shared interests are? 

We've created Marco Polls to take the responsibility of deciding off the booker alone, and spreading it across all the experience participants. 

Why not put your next team experience to a vote? Watch the quick demo below to learn how to create and send a poll, then monitor the results in real time. 


Democratize your team experiences decision-making in four easy steps:

  1. Favorite as many experiences as you'd like in the Marco Experiences Marketplace that you think would be great for your team.
  2. Click create poll in the lower right hand corner of your screen, which collects all of your favorites for you into a poll. 
  3. Share your poll link wherever your team communicates (Slack, Email, Teams, etc) 

  4. See the results in real-time and book the experience with the most votes.

Voilà! Try making and sending your first Marco Poll!

Not sure which experiences to favorite in the first place?

Try using our search and filter functionality on the Marco Experiences Marketplace. You can filter things like in-person vs. virtual, location, category of experience (food & beverage vs. arts & crafts, etc.), budget, and more. Once you filtered down for your needs, the choices become much easier to make!

Still looking for help?

Reach out! We are more than happy to hop on a quick call to help you find and book something perfect. In the meantime, learn about how Marco can help co-create and manage your annual events calendar through a Marco Membership.

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