Marco Musing Section: A Tribute to African American Artistry

As Black History Month unfolds in 2024, we at Marco are ecstatic to share a curated collection of enriching experiences, each a testament to the indelible impact of African American artists on the cultural tapestry. This year's theme, "African American's Influence on the Arts," invites us on an exploratory journey of profound creativity and legacy.

Gather your team and join us in this vibrant celebration. We dive deep into the heart of African American artistic heritage, uncovering the myriad ways it has enriched and reshaped our societal landscape.

A Sonic Journey Through History:

  • Music of Changemakers: Immerse yourself in the soulful soundscape curated by Jackie Gage. This live event (available virtually or in San Francisco) is a tribute to Black musical maestros whose rhythms and melodies have become the heartbeat of American music.
  • Becoming Free: Experience tranquility and introspection with Nkechi Njaka's "Black History Meditation." This unique blend of live meditation, led by the renowned neuroscientist and artist, offers a serene escape (virtual or in San Francisco).


Visual and Literary Feasts:

  • Blk Art by Zaria Ware: Dive into the pages of Zaria Ware's masterpiece, exploring the audacious legacy of Black artists and models in Western Art. It's a journey through history, redefining perceptions and celebrating unsung heroes.
  • NYC Gallery Tour: Join Ricco Wright, the visionary behind Black Wall Street Gallery, for an immersive exploration of artistic power in New York City. This gallery tour is not just an event; it's an enlightening expedition into the soul of art.
  • #BlackTikTok Visionary Voices: Discover a world where creativity knows no bounds. Join the ranks of those celebrating Black innovators and disruptors who are redefining the landscape of TikTok.
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Culinary and Sensory Explorations:

  • Ten to One Rum Experience: Embark on a flavor-filled journey with Marc Farrell in New York City, where rum tasting meets interactive mixology, revealing the rich tapestry of Caribbean heritage.
  • Brooklyn Tea Tasting: Savor the depth and beauty of tea with an immersive team experience at Brooklyn Tea. It's not just about taste; it's about stories steeped in every cup.

Empowerment Through Learning:

  • Theory of Enchantment: Chloe Valdary presents a transformative 90-minute experience, teaching us how to combat racism with the most powerful tool: love. Available virtually or in New York City, it's a lesson in empathy and understanding.
  • Visualizing Our Identities: Guided by Maceo Paisley, this creative workshop uses art and design to craft "identity charts," fostering team cohesion and self-discovery.
  • Curious Conversations: Join empathy expert Michael Tennant in an intentional play session that promises to strengthen bonds and open hearts.
  • Trivia for Us: Celebrate Black History Month with a spirited quiz game created by two visionary Black women. Available virtually or in New York City, it's a celebration of knowledge and culture.

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