Celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month with Your Team

Connect with your team over mindful experiences for Mental Health Awareness Month.

May is Mental Health Awareness month — take time with your team to raise awareness about the importance of mental health and help fight stigma associated with mental health issues. 

Experiences can be a powerful tool to bring your team closer together and take time to slow down. We've compiled a few top picks for Mental Health Awareness experiences — see below! 

May is also Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month — explore all of the heritage & awareness months you can celebrate with your team!

1. Meditative Happy Hour x Dominique Perkowski Meditation


The happiest hour. In a meditative, feel-good experience combining journaling, team-bonding exercises, and a fifteen minute gratitude meditation, have Dominique guide your team into a state of peace and ease. All levels welcome in this engaging virtual experience.

2. Raw Cookie Dough & Real Conversations x Doughp


Is there anything better than cookie dough? In this virtual experience, taste cookie dough three ways — licking the spoon, half-baking in the microwave, and fully baked — while having real conversations. Let loose with your team with a Raw Truth Game, for genuinely fun team-building that fosters connection.

3. RESONANCE: Music and Meditation x Nkechi Njaka with Tauwoo

RESONANCE music and medtiation experience

Join Nkechi Njaka and Tauwoo for an hour-long experience combining music and mindfulness meditation. RESONANCE is an immersive experience for your team that cultivates a sense of presence and awareness, allowing us to meet ourselves exactly where we are. 

4. Journaling Workshop x AllSwell Creative allswell3

Join Laura Rubin of AllSwell Creative for a virtual journaling workshop. Put pen to paper with your team through journaling prompts designed to help boost your mood. Plus, learn journaling tips and a suite of actionable tools to feel more creative on a day-to-day basis. 

5. The Healing Art of Rock Balancing x Travis Ruskus

195 WEALTH Travis Ruskus Self Portrait - Travis Ruskus

Immerse yourself in the moment, and learn the art of rock balancing with the best. Travis is a Rock Balance Meditation Artist who will show your team how to drop in the moment, believe in your personal power, and more. This entirely virtual experience includes a kit with everything needed to make your very own rock balancing garden. 

Discover more 

Whether it's a candle making workshop or putting the spotlight on inspirational women, discover more engaging and immersive experiences. Or, looking for even more ideas? Get in touch with Marco directly to learn more about our range of DEI & belonging experiences.

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