Celebrate AAPI Month with Your Team

Come together with your team for AAPI Month this May.

May is Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI ) Heritage Month — a wonderful opportunity to recognize and celebrate the many generations of Asian Americans and Pacific Islands, and their immense contributions. 

We’re excited to donate a portion of all experience profits to Stop AAPI Hate, an incredible SF-based coalition that is building a multiracial movement to end anti-Asian American and Pacific Islander hate.

Take the time this month to celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage with your team through immersive and interactive experiences.

We've put together a few picks to get you inspired — see below!

And, May is also Mental Health Awareness Month — take a look at our Mental Health Awareness experiences here. Or, browse through our full list of experiences for AAPI Heritage Month and Mental Health Awareness Month.

1. The Art of Suminagashi x 28 Muses

Suminagashi ink painting experience

Learn the art of Suminagashi in this creative, virtual experience. Join Natalie of 28Muses and learn Suminagashi — creating a floating piece of art on water using ink, which dates back to 12th century Japan. With a Suminagashi kit for everyone on your team, tap into your sense of creativity with this de-stressing activity. 

2. Boba Milk Tea + Popcorn Chicken x Virtual Table + Kassava


Try your hand at making boba tea and popcorn chicken in this interactive virtual experience. Led by a team of chefs with experience from San Francisco's fine dining and Michelin restaurants and Kassava's two founders (the boba experts!), your team get more confidence in the kitchen while learning about this perfect pairing. 

3. AAPI Month Trivia x Bar None Games

A graphic for AAPI Month Trivia experience

This live, virtual trivia game was created for Asian American and Pacific Islander Month — featuring questions that include a specialty music round, a picture round, and tons of general knowledge questions. Collaborative and festive, this experience is hosted by Bar None Games. 

4. Custom Candle Making x Lanterne Lab Photo Sep 12, 5 00 14 PM (1) 2 (2)

An in-person experience in NY, join your team and learn how to make your very own candle at Lanterne Labs. Learn about the candle-making process, and get creative — pick your own scent, vessel, then customize your candle even further with dried flowers, glitter, and a custom label.

5. Chinatown Tour x Mott Street Girls

Tour of Chinatown with Mott Street Girls

Hosted by Mott Street Girls, meet your team at the statue of Lin Ze Xu, then be taken on a tour of Chinatown's 3 oldest streets to immerse yourself in one of NYC’s oldest neighborhoods. Experience Chinatown through the intimate lens of the Chinese Exclusion Act, the first U.S. law that banned an entire ethnic group from coming into this country for more than 60 years. 

Discover more 

Whether it's a cooking class or a creative workshop, discover more engaging and immersive experiences for AAPI Heritage Month. Or, looking for even more ideas? Get in touch with Marco directly to learn more about our range of DEI & belonging experiences.

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