Celebrate Black History Month with Your Team

Immersive experiences to connect and help build an inclusive culture.

This Black History Month, choose between engaging, educational and impactful experiences led by incredible Black facilitators — whether that’s creating space for dialogue-driven experiences on race, culture, and the Black experience, a captivating live music performance, or something entirely different.

In 2022, Marco is launching even more experiences focused on belonging (both virtual and in-person), for teams that want to build an inclusive culture and connect more deeply with each other.

Here are a few to get you started:

1. The Music of the Changemakers x Jackie Gage


Celebrate the journey of Black artists and their impact on American music.

Join singer and international recording artist Jackie Gage in a virtual experience as she performs, discusses, and disects a specially-crafted song list and its historical context within Black culture and empowerment.

2. Theory of Enchantment x Chloé Valdary


This introductory Theory of Enchantment experience will teach your team the three foundational principles that will help you practice love in the face of prejudice and bigotry.

In this virtual experience, join Chloé Valdary — former Bartley Fellow at The Wall Street Journal — who developed the Theory of Enchantment: an innovative framework for compassionate anti-racism.

3. Curious Conversations


Be guided through an intentional play session that strengthens your team's skills in empathetic engagement by New York Times-recognized empathy expert, Michael Tennant.

Using the card game Actually Curious, learn skills for inclusivity, self-awareness, and resilience in this engaging virtual experience.


Discover more 

Whether it's a virtual tea tasting or making space for important conversations, discover more engaging and immersive experiences. Or, looking for even more ideas? Get in touch with Marco directly to learn more about our range of DEI & belonging experiences.

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