Support Women's Rights with Marco

Connect with your team while supporting a cause you believe in. 

The team here at Marco believes that reproductive health and access to abortion are fundamental human rights. We were all shocked and upset by the recent turning of Roe vs. Wade, and we're eager to do as much as we can as an organization to fight for the rights and the health of women across the US. 

As such, we're donating 50% of the proceeds from a curated collection of women-led experiences to The Center for Reproductive Rights — a global human rights and legal advocacy group working to advance and protect reproductive rights.

Scroll through the collection of experiences below—each one led by women, built for remote teams, and designed to inspire productive conversation in the workplace. This is an opportunity to support the agency and dignity of women while creating more meaningful connection through shared experiences with your teammates.

Marco exists to constantly remind us that the workplace—while increasingly remote and online—is still made up of fellow human beings. 

1. Celebrating Women's Success x Convers(ate)


Inspired by the women-led salons in 18th century France, allow Convers(ate) to facilitate an inspiring virtual discussion on inspiring women, celebrating wins in your team (regardless of gender), the specific contributions of women on your team, and a dynamic discussion on empowering women. 

2. Wine with Women x RARECAT Wines


Allow Sharon, tech entrepreneur and owner of RARECAT Wines, to guide your team through a virtual wine tasting experience (featuring breakout sessions and polls!). Dedicated to using wine to empower women, Sharon has worked with thousands of women and major executives in her workshops. 

3. Space to Share: A Listening Circle for Women at Work x Court Roberts


Bring the women of your company together for a time of processing and sharing perspectives to find greater support and belonging with each other. In a facilitated experience led by Court Roberts, each woman will have space to share and receive support from their coworkers around subjects and stories that might not typically be discussed at work, but are present in our day-to-day realities.

4. Women in Comedy x Laugh.EventsScreen Shot 2021-09-17 at 12-46-48 AM-1

In a virtual women-led comedy show, treat your team to a few laughs. The experience features some of NYC's best comics who have appeared at places like The Comedy Cellar, Carolines, and on The Tonight Show.

5. For Us by Us: Women's Trivia x Trivia for Us


Join the creators of Trivia for Us — a women-owned entertainment company — for a virtual trivia session with your team. Curated to appeal to a multicultural and multigenerational audience, test your knowledge and learn something new. 

6. Empowering Women with Candle Making x After Party Candle Co.


In an experience created by Becky, founder of After Party Candle Co., be guided through a fun and easy candle-making journey. Make time for yourself by designing an eco-friendly, custom-scented candle that's individual to you in this virtual experience.

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