How GEM planned an international event in less than 8 weeks with Marco

Learn how Marco helped Gem plan and execute an international event in under two months — while serving as a “breath of fresh air” to an overwhelmed executive business partner.

Founded in 2017, Gem is the modern, data-driven platform for enterprise-grade talent engagement and recruiting. The tool pairs with any applicant tracking system to streamline the hiring process while maximizing employers’ budgets. 

The Gem team regularly hosts in-person events to celebrate big business wins. They brought in Marco to lighten the workload for events and create unforgettable experiences for their people. 


  • 30 guests in attendance
  • Handled 5 vendors at once
  • 8 weeks from payment to retreat

“I originally took Marco’s call thinking, ‘Why not?’ Then, during the conversation, I realized this was going to help me so much. Marco is a breath of fresh air, and I felt so much better while planning this event.” - Lindsey Ackerman, Senior Executive Business Partner to the CEO at Gem


The Challenge

Planning international company events is a unique headache


The last time Lindsey Ackerman, Senior Executive Business Partner to the CEO at Gem, was tasked with planning a company event, she wasn’t alone. She had a team of executive assistants and event planners to fall back on. This time, she was all on her own and had only two months to plan an off-site event in Cabo, Mexico — too far away from Gem’s offices to check out venues or restaurants. 

She had three concerns weighing down her workload: 

  1. Venues — How would she find the right location when no one could visit the sites? 
  2. Scheduling — Were there enough dining and entertainment options to fill three nights and four days? 
  3. Bandwidth — Could she balance planning this event with the rest of her job? 

Lindsey was overwhelmed when a co-worker suggested she hop on a call with Marco. She quickly realized we offered everything she needed to help this executive business partner breathe easier — while still executing a stellar and memorable event. 

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The Solution

Marco’s proactive support & comms enable a seamless event


Lindsey had only two months to plan and execute a company off-site in Cabo, meaning she had to coordinate everything from customs to lodging to day-to-day activities. 

Luckily, having the Marco team’s proactive support and communication at each step took nearly every task off Lindsey’s plate and eased her anxieties about timely execution for the international event. The transparent comms continued after everyone’s planes touched down in Mexico. For instance: 

  • The Marco team stood by with backup plans — that were still within budget — in case an activity or meal plan had to change on the fly. 
  • When restaurants were booked up and Lindsey wanted alternatives, Marco thoughtfully picked venues to fit the atmosphere she had in mind — ensuring an engaging event for every Gem employee in attendance. 

“As soon as an event detail was confirmed or changes had to be made, I got a text and an email from the Marco team. There is a ton of transparent communication, and that makes you feel so good about the event.”


The Results

Gem pulled off an international event on time and under budget — while bringing teams together


By teaming up with Marco, Lindsey successfully hosted an international off-site that was well-received by her teammates, while still staying well within her strict budget and time parameters. 

Instead of being preoccupied by logistics or budget management, Lindsey could simply bring up any questions to the Marco team — knowing they would save her days of work while finding the best possible answers. Thanks to Gem’s partnership with Marco, they’ve seen the following metrics: 

  • 30 guests in attendance
  • Handled 5 vendors at once
  • 8 weeks from payment to retreat

While the Gem team enjoys their hybrid work model, their people are spread between two coastal offices in New York and San Francisco. As such, they always look forward to coming together, celebrating company wins, and recalibrating for the next quarter. 

Looking ahead, Lindsey emphasizes that she’ll continue teaming up with Marco to create the kinds of events her teammates will never forget. 

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