Stop, Drop and Roll: How to Prevent Employee Burnout

Amidst the volatility of the current market, businesses are banking on their employees to be capable and productive - after all, there are orders to be filled and deadlines to be met.
But let's not forget that your employees are humans, not machines (yet, looking at you Chatbot AI.) They can sprint at a fast pace for only a limited time.
If the demands of the workplace become too much to bear, your staff may begin exhibiting symptoms of the dreaded word, employee burnout.

As we all know, the pandemic has taken a toll on our mental and emotional well-being. Many of us have been juggling work, family, and other responsibilities while dealing with the stress and uncertainty of these challenging times. According to a new Eagle Hill Consulting research, nearly half of American employees say they are burned out from their jobs. Burnout has become a common experience for many people, and it can be challenging to know how to recharge and recover. 

That's why we believe that Marco Experiences retreats are more important now than ever. Our retreats provide a unique opportunity to unplug from the demands of daily work, connect with nature and others, and engage in self-care practices that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Our experienced facilitators will guide you through transformative experiences that will help you gain clarity, find balance, and rediscover your inner strength and resilience.

So whether you're feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or just need a break from the hustle, we invite you to join us on a Marco Experiences retreat. It's time to prioritize your employees' well-being and invest in the company.


So, how do we put the fire out? 

Burnout has been associated with a range of negative work consequences, including reduced satisfaction, commitment, and performance. Not only does this stress have a negative impact on employers—but ultimately consumers alike. This is a direct correlation between increased employee sick days and turnover and decreased empathy, continuity of care, productivity, and effectiveness. But enough with the negatives — let’s talk about how we can solve it.

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Enter Marco Experiences. We’ll partner with you every step of the way. Whether you’re a remote team that wants to come together or a team that just wants to get away, Marco will help you create an unforgettable company retreat. Retreats are complex and time-intensive to plan, especially when done right. We’ll handle the logistics so you can focus on your core business.


We Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk

Even within our own community, we realized we were beginning to see the signs of burnout. So we decided to take action and hold a retreat ourselves; on Tuesday, March 1st, and then again on Wednesday, March 2nd, we brought together people leaders and community builders to join us for a night focused on vulnerability and connection through intentional gratitude. We brought in the big guns, Chris Schembra, USA Today’s Gratitude Guru himself. Through his workshop, the room was transformed. There were hugs, laughs, smiles, tears, and most importantly, real genuine connection. Chris went on to share stories from his life, interview audience members about theirs, and seamlessly create empathy amongst a room of complete strangers. As the night slowly winded down, the entire group had grown closer and their to-do lists suddenly grew shorter. And when his workshop was over, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. 

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Why are retreats impactful?

1. Change of environment: According to a Harvard Business Review article, in-person communication is 34x more effective than virtual alternatives. This means that company retreats can help employees communicate more clearly and efficiently with their colleagues and managers, reducing misunderstandings and conflicts. Especially in this digital age, getting off your computer and into a lounge chair can help reduce stress and promote relaxation and connection.

2. Team bonding: We integrate world-class team-building activities, and unique resources and facilitated opportunities for employees to get to know each other better, build trust, and re-align on priorities. This can foster a sense of camaraderie and create a positive work culture, which in turn can increase job satisfaction. According to a Zogics blog post, a company retreat can improve employee retention by 25%. This implies that company retreats can boost employee loyalty and satisfaction by showing them appreciation and recognition for their work.

3. Learning opportunities: When planning our retreats, we work to include professional development training or educational sessions, which can provide employees with new skills and knowledge. According to a TravelPerk survey, 34% of employees shared that they have had their most creative ideas on company or executive retreats.

4. Time for reflection: Offsites also provide employees with time for meditation and self-care. This can help employees recharge and prioritize their well-being, and come back with a healthier work-life balance


How it works:



Overall, booking an offsite or retreat can be a valuable investment for companies looking to decrease burnout among their employees, increase job satisfaction, and foster a positive work culture.


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