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The sum of parts is greater than the whole. Marco is bringing together people leaders from all walks of life who are at the forefront of the Future of Culture.

What is the Future of Culture? That’s up to us to define.

We started Marco to keep teams connected, employees engaged, and culture thriving. However, the current distributed landscape means we must reimagine culture all together. We believe that technology, if done right, can build community.

That’s why we’re bringing together a community of the most innovative, forward-thinking People Leaders across the country to lay the groundwork for company culture in a post-COVID world. We believe that the right people together in one (virtual) room can solve some of the world's hardest problems.

A "new normal," one year later

One year after the announcement of the global lockdown (almost exactly, actually, on April 1, 2021), we invited an intimate group to get together to discuss the Future of Culture. People Leaders from companies big and small, emerging and established, set aside one hour to have an open, honest conversation about two central questions: 

  • What are the biggest challenges you're experiencing right now?
  • As the way of work evolves into something new, what are you most excited about?

The discussion went down a number of different — yet equally fascinating — paths, and a few key themes emerged:

Biggest Challenges_Future of Culture Chart

Most Excited by_Future of Culture Chart

In the coming weeks, we’ll be publishing a series of posts and guest posts from our Future of Culture Founding Group — leaders like Nikki Singh, Global Gender Equality, D&I HR lead and former VP People Operations at Visa — covering a number of these areas. Stay tuned!

What are your company's biggest challenges, and what are you most excited about? Let us know.

Interested in joining the Future of Culture Community?

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You're a creative contributor, a network builder, a perspective sharer, an innovator. You are bursting with ideas, insights, questions, and answers, and you're excited to have a forum to share them with.

The Future of Work is a story that's currently being written. This is a forum you can use to share your ideas and ask questions to peers you trust, all while building the future of culture, together.

  • Meet incredible new people in your space: Connect with other best-in-class people leaders (existing and emerging), broaden your network, and expand your perspectives.
  • Share your thoughts broadly: Share your expertise with other people leaders. Your insights will be highlighted in Marco communication.
  • Lead the Future of Culture: Define and lead the Future of Culture. And attract best-in-class talent because of it.

As we rethink the traditional 9-to-5 while still creating flexible ways to build a community of coworkers, be pivotal.

Drop us a note to get involved.

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