Introducing: The Future of Workplace Culture Ebook

The future of culture has arrived. Here's how teams are adapting.

We’re excited to announce our inaugural Ebook: The Future of Workplace Culture.

We’re currently living through a monumental shift in the way that we work. The pandemic led many of us to entirely change our working lives — many office jobs became work-from-home jobs virtually overnight, forcing teams to adapt to collaborating and getting things done online. 

As we take our first steps into the new year, many teams have stayed remote, adopted a hybrid work approach, or completely reconsidered the best way to work in-office.

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At Marco, we’re endlessly curious about culture. We facilitate extraordinary experiences that help foster connection and engagement in teams, creating dedicated events to encourage culture to thrive. We set out to determine how teams of all shapes and sizes are tackling the challenges and opportunities that come with these shifts.

We spoke with culture and people leaders across industries from companies like Starbucks, Ritual, and Strava, to learn about all different approaches and have distilled our learnings into our Ebook: The Future of Workplace Culture.

Whether you’re a people leader, CEO, or really, anyone who’s curious about how teams are approaching a 2022 workplace, the goal behind this ebook is to provide a contextual look and playbook for the future of work

Here’s a sneak peek of a few of the things we cover:

  • The challenges (and opportunities) of remote and hybrid work
  • Conversations and case studies with recognized people leaders from Starbucks to Strava about how teams are approaching back-to-work
  • The state of the workplace as it relates to building cohesive culture
  • Building culture in hybrid teams (what to know and tips)
  • Culture playbooks for different variations of remote and hybrid teams

We hope you find this resource useful as you build your 2022 culture and employee experience calendar!

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