Celebrate Earth Day With These Great Experiences For Teams

Bring your team together this Earth Day.

Earth Day is coming right up on April 22nd — and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate the planet that we live on and find new inspiration to protect our environment.

We've put together a list of a few of our Earth Day-inspired experiences to help you discover ways for your team to connect to our planet and each other. Scroll through the list below, or take a look at our entire Earth Day experiences selection, including options for Virtual, New York, and San Francisco-based teams.

1. Nature and Forest Therapy x Explore Sanctuary


VIRTUAL. Get back to nature. Your team can join from any green space near them — a park, a beach, a balcony, or even an open window if that's all they can get to. In an immersive virtual experience, find a sense of connection to both yourself and nature.

2. Flower Workshop x Poppy Flowers


VIRTUAL. Flowers make everyone happy. In this virtual experience (with kits delivered to your team's doorsteps), learn how to arrange a beautiful bouquet through guidance from a floral designer. This is an amazing way to get creative and reconnect with your team.

3. The Healing Art of Rock Balancing x Travis Ruskus

195 WEALTH Travis Ruskus Self Portrait - Travis Ruskus

VIRTUAL. Take a pause with your team and discover the art of rock balancing in this virtual experience. Rock balancing helps bring you into the present moment, see opportunity, believe in your personal power, and so much more. This experience is led by Travis, a San Francisco-based Rock Balance Meditation Artist.

4. Potting Party x Sagekind


NEW YORK. For New York-based teams, get together for a potting experience designed to help you reconnect with nature and get creative. Learn about the meanings of different colors while decorating your very own terracotta planter, and learn how to properly pot a plant from plant expert, illustrator and designer Aisha Richardson.

5. Out on the Water x Dogpatch Paddle


SAN FRANCISCO. For SF-based teams, get outdoors — even in the city. Meet at Dogpatch Paddle for a lesson on stand-up paddleboarding, then get out into the water at Crane Cove Park while learning about currents, tides, and more. Your team could even spot some wildlife while seeing the city from the water.

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