4 Experiences to Refresh and Restart

The best way to start 2022 with your team.

New year, same us. Start the new year off right with your team with this collection of experiences that are just the thing to refresh and restart. Or, really, anytime you’re feeling like a boost of wellness or mindful pause.

1. High + Dry Mixology x Bonbuz

A bottle on Bonbuz on a tray with glasses.

Stay dry this season, and we don’t just mean from the rain.

Bonbuz is electrifying drinking culture with active ingredients like nootropics and adaptogens that heighten your senses and boost your mood to transport you to a deeper mind-body experience. Bonbuz is the much-needed puzzle piece to the ritual of crafting cocktails, replacing traditional alcoholic spirits with a punchy, citrusy, non-alcoholic distillate alternative.

In this virtual non-alcoholic mixology experience (with a bottle of Bonbuz delivered to your team’s doorsteps), learn how to shake a few mocktails with Bonbuz founder Fay, and pair the good vibes with a live musical voyage set to stimulate your mind, shift your mood and allow you to connect more deeply.

2. Water Tasting x Fine Waters

A shelf filled with various bottled waters.

“Just drink some water” - said everyone, ever.

As seen on Netflix’s Down Under with Zac Efron, Michael Mascha will have you raising a glass. In a virtual water tasting experience, learn about bottled water etiquette, why the waters taste so different, and how water is paired with food to enhance the epicurean experience.

Michael will teach how to create a super easy but fantastic cocktail with premium waters that will make entertaining easy, plus he’ll provide a recipe for a special sorbet made with premium water.

3. Journaling Workshop x AllSwell

Laura Rubin of AllSwell sitting at a desk with a laptop.

Photo: Ashley Barrett

Ground yourself in your new year with reflection, gratitude and perspective, in this virtual guided journaling workshop with AllSwell founder and journaling expert, Laura Rubin.

Mix groovy tunes (think Khruangbin-esque) with approachable and entertaining topics to lead you forward while embracing your past years. Putting pen to paper helps adjust mood, increase creativity, manage anxiety and boost immunity. Think of this as your digital happy hour.

4. Mindful Movements x Evolna


Getting back to a desk all day after a holiday break can be tough, but creating small healthy habits in your workspace is easier than you think.

In an inclusive movement and mental health virtual experience led by Marie Janicek, flow through a series of small and approachable exercises. Nourish the body and center the mind with a repertoire of exercises that quickly relieve stress and anxiety, making the work day and year flow better.

Looking for something different?

Take a bespoke approach to your next team experience. If you’re looking for something beyond Marco’s curated and hand-picked selection of experiences, simply get in touch and we’d love to plan something that’s just right for your team.

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