Planning Your 2023 Company Retreat: The Complete Guide

We learned a lot about planning, designing, and executing company retreats in 2022. We're excited to pass along these important insights to our Marco community and to keep creating memorable retreats for our customers in 2023 and beyond. Grab your free copy of our new eBook—we're sharing everything we know about what makes a retreat truly extraordinary.

Human connection is important to drive better business results, but it also makes work more meaningful and fulfilling. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the workplace has gained flexibility. But it has lost the 40+ hours of in-person time together that we took for granted, and it's more difficult than ever to build authentic relationships at work.

A Note From the Marco Team

It has been a joy to bring dozens of companies together since launching Marco Retreats. It is also an opportunity to reflect on why we started building Marco in the first place.

As a distributed team ourselves at Marco, we have strived to build connection virtually. However, some of the most impactful moments have happened when we bring our team together, face-to-face.

The ability to see each other as human beings changes how we work together. It makes work less transactional. Retreats have provided moments to laugh, eat and drink, dance, and have fun together. These are also the moments we have been our most creative and productive.

A spontaneous brainstorm between an engineer and an operations manager can be hard to manufacture on Zoom. Company retreats can be the most impactful way to bring people together.

A  BTS Look Into Our Own Marco Team Retreats

If we weren't able to plan our own fun and productive retreats, it would be hard to trust us to plan yours, no? So we thought we would highlight a few of our favorite gatherings:

Screen Shot 2023-01-04 at 12.05.50 PM

We are excited to grow our team and bring everyone together through retreats. Marco appreciates your support as readers and customers. We do not take the faith placed in us to bring your team together lightly.

Ready to dive in?

Grab Your Copy: The Ultimate Retreat Planning Guide

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At Marco, we’re endlessly curious about company culture. We've been focused on creating extraordinary in-person & virtual experiences that help foster connection and engagement in teams. But it became clear in 2022 that retreats are an incredibly effective way to bring teams together that we wanted to offer to our customers. 

Whether you’re a people leader, CEO, or really, anyone who’s curious about how best-in-class teams are approaching building truly extraordinary retreats, the goal behind this eBook is to provide a contextual look and a playbook for all. 

What's inside?

Best practices

Discover common themes and shared challenges related to the planning of corporate retreats.

Case studies

Hear customer stories from a range of company culture thought leaders, such as CPOs at fast-paced startups like Blocknative and people leaders at global companies like Reddit, and more.

“I would have spent 10x the time if I was planning this myself. From coordinating all of the venues, restaurants, activities to even just finding the venue itself. Having just one point of contact—Marco—reduced the amount of time dramatically."

— Sean O’Connor, Blocknative Chief of Staff

Insider tips

Learn from industry experts with deep institutional knowledge.

Frameworks, Templates & Resources

Finally, put it all into practice using our free resources within, like our Retreats Framework & Pricing Calculator.

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We hope you find this resource useful as you build your 2023 culture and employee experience calendar!

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