How Marco helped Formic plan a 50-person offsite in a month

Formic enlisted Marco to help them find and select the perfect retreat property for their entire team—a magical location Formic “never would have found without Marco.”

About Formic

Formic Technologies’ mission is to increase the collective output of humanity by making automation deployments trivial and easy. On their website, you’ll read: “We Manage Automation, You Manage Your Business.” They clearly believe in outsourcing initiatives that are not an organization’s core competencies. As such, they were excited to partner with Marco to plan their Company Retreat.

  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois, United States
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • Founded: 2020
  • Industry: Software & Robotics
  • Workplace makeup: Fully Remote


The Challenge

It’s a pretty common theme we’re seeing these days at Marco:

companies understand that they need to bring their people together, but not being equipped or staffed to do so. Christine Keelan and Vilma Jaku were tasked with planning the company's largest retreat - with very little experience or planning playbooks to look back on for guidance. They kicked off where anyone searching for answers does: Googling “offsite planning.”


The Solution

Fortunately for Christine and Vilma, Marco Experience popped up as a result and caught her eye.

After exploring our high-level offering, she took our short needs-finding quiz, and booked time with Marco Retreats Expert Ali Brown. 

Group 21


Ali was able to identify a glamping-themed retreat in the Catskills, in which each employee's accommodation is their very own Airstream. It was the perfect solution for the Formic team, and one which they “never would have discovered on their own.”



The Experience

Just over 1 month of planning, the Formic team met in Saugerties, NY—in the heart of the Catskills.

They enjoyed an unforgettable week of hiking, lawn Olympics, a river cruise on the Hudson, private dinners under the stars, productive presentations and brainstorming sessions, and more.



The Results

Formic is already planning a Retreat for Spring 2023 

Christine wrapped up our chat by saying:

“Being a primarily remote team, we’re reallocating the budget we’d be spending on multiple leases and putting it towards employee experiences. Our priority is uplifting morale, bringing people together, and humanizing work.

This retreat was just the first of many experiences we will plan for our employees in the future”

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