Building a Company is like Making a Movie

There’s something special about a good movie.
A good movie transports us to another world and makes us feel the full range of human emotions —all through a screen.

My favorite movie is Almost Famous.

The film is inspired by the life of director and former writer for Rolling Stone and takes place in the time of Led Zeppelin, the Eagles, and other greats. It’s a coming-of-age film that tells the story of music-obsessed 15-year-old William Miller. William fakes his age and convinces the famed magazine to take him on as a writer, all in the pursuit of his passion for music.

In his final interview, William Miller asks: “So Russell…what do you love about music?”

Russell Hammond responds: “To begin with, everything.”

Who can forget the most emotional scene in the movie?


Set to Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer,” the entire crew on the tour bus begins to sing. You feel the hope, the pain, the frenetic energy of the different characters all coalescing into this one moment. “I have to go home” William says to Penny Lane… she responds, “You are home.”


How movies (and companies) come together

Stories like Almost Famous keep me coming back again and again. Even with thousands of movies and streaming options today, it holds a special place in my heart.

So how do movies come together? It’s similar to building a company in many ways.

  • It all starts with a story (an idea) — a vision that you spin up on paper (or maybe a pitch deck) and iterate on until it feels right
  • You get someone fund the production (shout out to investors) — you need people who believe in your vision
  • You bring together the right cast (or team) — people who can bring what’s been written down on paper to life
  • You produce the movie (building the company) — with the right people in place, you do the hard work of making the movie
  • You build your audience and share the end result (get the right customers) — people who hopefully enjoy the end result and can talk about it for years to come

I’ll be sharing each of these phases for Marco in the coming posts!

At Marco, we’re in the very early stage of bringing to life our own movie.

We’re past the screenplay stage, have some amazing investors who believe in what we’re building, and are putting together our cast (if you are interested in joining growing team, check out our jobs page here!).

We have a group of extremely talented team members, advisors, and consultants ranging from engineering, to product design, to sales to bring together our dream: creating a better way to bring people together.

We’re creating a better way for companies and teams to share moments through experiences.

We’re excited to be making this movie and hope you’ll stick around to watch how it turns out.

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