How Axiom Cloud achieved a 96% employee satisfaction score for their off-site using Marco

Learn how Axiom Cloud’s Director of People Ops used Marco to plan a stellar off-site for the first time — all while supporting her packed workload and budget constraints.

Axiom Cloud combines the power of artificial intelligence, automation, and the Internet of Things to transform how we operate and maintain the world’s cooling systems. The result? Significant wins for our global climate as well as Axiom users’ bottom lines. 

Marco supported the startup as they prepared to welcome employees from across the country to their annual off-site event, where they could share space, work together, and forge deeper bonds.


  • 96% employee satisfaction with Axiom’s off-site experience
  • 95% employee satisfaction with team-building activities
  • 90% employee satisfaction with working sessions

“With how busy I was, I really appreciated the specific outcomes of every meeting I had with the Marco team. I didn’t have to prepare or do deep research on my own. I really appreciate how knowledgeable they were.” - Rachel Hurley, Director of People Operations at Axiom Cloud


The Challenge

Company gatherings are stressful to plan… especially for non-event planners


When working for a startup, you have to be ready to wear many hats — but sometimes those new roles and responsibilities just aren’t perfect for you. That’s how Rachel Hurley, Director of People Operations at Axiom, felt when she was tasked with planning their annual off-site gathering. 

As Axiom’s only people leader, it made sense for her to take point on this event. However, lack of familiarity with event planning meant she didn’t know where to start or what questions to ask to get the ball rolling. To pull off this tall task, Rachel needed help on three fronts: 

1. Coordinating a budget with several moving parts
2. Picking a venue that would fit the event and said budget to a tee
3. Designing and scheduling thoughtful events to engage (but not overwhelm) employees

Rachel began weighing her options to outsource a bulk of the event work — and luckily found Marco. After just one introductory call, she was thrilled to see our offerings both solved her pain points and proactively answered her questions as a first-time event planner. 

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The Solution

Marco’s expertise simplifies every detail of off-site planning & execution


From day one, Rachel could tell she picked the right event partner: Marco could accommodate basically every request she brought to the table. 

When she emphasized offering plenty of planned events to avoid “cliquey” behavior, Marco designed an exciting schedule to meet that need. Plus, when Rachel lacked the time and industry know-how to research venues or catering menus, every meeting with Marco’s team was simple, direct, and aligned on a single topic. Essentially, she could ask every question on her mind and leave it to Marco to provide expert-level answers. 

Even more, the Marco team was deeply mindful of Rachel’s event budget — in a way that empowered her to advocate for the event to her fellow executives. When she realized her current budget wouldn’t allow her to plan an event worth flying in 20+ people, Marco generated hard numbers to help her make her case. 

“When you’ve never planned any official events, a company off-site like this can really scare you. Working with Marco felt like such a safe and reassuring choice.”


The Results

Axiom’s team can connect in person — without any operational headaches


This off-site event was a big deal for Axiom: It was a chance for teammates (many of whom had only joined the company six months before) to connect meaningfully and celebrate their hard work. Rachel wanted the off-site to not just bring people together — but to foster the kind of atmosphere you can’t capture through a Zoom call. 

Thanks to Marco, Rachel seamlessly brought those desires to life, sat back, and managed as we executed itineraries, bookings, activities, and more on her behalf. In other words, Marco made it easy for her to offload logistics and focus on what she knows best: people. 

Take a look at how Axiom’s employees rated the off-site event by Marco: 

  • 96% satisfaction with the overall off-site experience
  • 95% satisfaction with team-building activities
  • 90% satisfaction with working sessions

Looking ahead, Rachel is excited to come back to Marco for more live event-planning assistance, especially as Axiom’s team continues to grow. With such an emphasis on the value of team communication, she affirms that more in-person off-sites can only strengthen the company at large. 

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