How to Create the Best Work-from-Home Setup

Go beyond working from your kitchen counter and create a workspace where you actually want to spend time.

Whether you’re working from home just a couple of days per week in a hybrid team or are a full-time remote worker, investing in a work-from-home setup that allows you to work productively and happily is key.

Why a Great Work-From-Home Setup Matters

Having a work-from-home setup that helps you work better is essential. Whether it’s a corner of your dining room table or a dedicated home office, optimizing your space can help make working from home a breeze. Plus, establishing a separate area where you work can help you create boundaries between your home life from your work life — a work from home best practice.

While everyone has different requirements in a work-from-home setup, we’ve compiled a few of our top tips to create an organized and productive home office:

The Ultimate Work-from-Home Setup

1. The right space

The ideal work-from-home setup? A dedicated desk with a door that closes. If you have one, that’s great. If not, try to be creative and consider other spaces in your house that might work. Maybe there’s a corner of your living room where you can fit a desk, a storage room that’s big enough, or even an outdoor shed that you can turn into a makeshift office. Wherever you choose, try to find a spot where you won’t be distracted by noise or other people in your household.

2. The tech

For any virtual office, the tech is a critical component. Beyond a laptop, consider whether there are any additional items that you need to work well. Maybe you spend most of the day on video calls, and it’s worthwhile to invest in a good webcam. Maybe you could use an additional screen while you work. Also, make sure to test out the Wifi in the space that you plan on working from to make sure that’s it’s fast enough for your remote work needs.

3. The tools

There’s a good chance that your hybrid or remote team will already have their suite of preferred tools to work with, like Slack, Zoom, or Google Hangouts. Think about whether you need any additional tools for your workflow. Perhaps it’s worth setting up a Pomodoro timer to ensure that you’re staying on track or an activity break app that automatically reminds you to get up and move. 

4. An ergonomic chair

For many of us who sit at a desk all day almost everyday, investing in a good chair can be truly worthwhile. When you’re spending the entire day working from a desk, having an ergonomic chair that encourages good posture can make all the difference in your day-to-day comfort, while also helping to prevent any issues down the line. 

5. Good lighting

It’s challenging to work in a dark space — think about ways you can optimize your work-from-home setup to make sure you have the proper lighting. If your desk is near a window, make sure that your computer is positioned so that the sunlight won’t create a glare against your computer screen. If your setup is in a darker part of your home, think about adding a few lights to brighten things up.

6. Add some greenery

Liven up your home office by adding a few houseplants to keep you company. When you’re stuck inside working for most of the day, being near some greenery around can help keep your morale high. 

7. Speakers

Speakers aren’t absolutely necessary, it’s true. But remember that working from home gives you benefits you may not have while working in an office — like getting to pick a playlist and turning up the volume while you work. Having some great speakers on your desk can be a big improvement in the quality of your workday.

8. Personalize it

You know what you need better than anyone, and consider what you’d like to have handy as you set up your workspace. Like to jot down notes? Keep a pad of paper and pen by your desk. Always craving a mid-day stretch? Keep a yoga mat nearby for a stretch break. Adding a family photo or any other little personalized touch to make your home office feel more pleasant can go a long way, too.

Virtual events for your team

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