How Syndicate’s offsite earned 100% employee satisfaction with Marco

The remote workplace is here to stay, but building remote team culture remains a work in progress.

Keeping remote interactions exciting is challenging, while convincing people to attend in-person company events is equally tricky. 

Discover how Syndicate’s international team bolstered their remote work culture with Marco.

  • 20 hours of event planning saved
  • 100% employee satisfaction 
  • 7 vendors delivered a memorable experience

"We couldn't have done it without the Marco team at our side. Not only did they help with the logistical coordination of our events, but they also identified activities that made the experience absolutely unforgettable." - Keenan Monroe, Head of Finance at Syndicate.


Established in 2021, Syndicate is a web3 services startup helping Fortune 100 companies and indie developers build scalable products faster and easier. Since its inception, Syndicate has facilitated over $40 million in crypto transactions and deployed 50,000+ smart contracts for developers across the globe. 

Syndicate's offsite events added to the work culture, but managing them was a daunting task

With remote employees across the globe, Syndicate’s offsites were crucial for cultivating a strong work culture, especially in a turbulent industry like web3. But planning them created some distinct challenges. As the point person for offsites,  Head of Finance Keenan Monroe consistently ran up against two blockers:

  1. Time constraints — Keenan spent hours searching for venues and coordinating with vendors, which impacted his ability to focus on other business objectives.
  2. Complex planning — As an international team, Syndicate required visas for visiting team members from other countries. That also required coordinating a variety of schedules.

Keenan quickly realized working with a team of experts would lift the stress of planning and execution from his shoulders, allowing him to divert his focus to other company initiatives. 

After meeting with a few event planners who weren't convincing enough, Keenan discovered Marco.  

"I needed a way to turn regular offsite planning into a repeatable cadence, but the truth is, being involved in every aspect of event planning wasn't feasible."

Marco streamlined and expertly managed Syndicate's entire offsite event

To start, the Marco team went over the entire process — they’d cover everything from brainstorming to coordinating travel. Next, they sent Keenan a list of customized choices based on the Syndicate team’s size, objectives, and company values. 

Once Keenan selected the venue and activities, the Marco team went into execution mode. They managed all the most time-consuming aspects of even planning, from contacting vendors to gathering visas and travel permits for Syndicate’s international employees.

What’s more, Marco tailored the entire event to Syndicate’s unique needs, including:

  1. Streamlining the decision-making process — Keenan chose from a curated list of memorable trips, saving him hours of brainstorming ideas and searching for venues.
  2. Helping team members connect with one another — With Marco’s support, Keenan and  his entire team could participate in the offsite event and connect on a more personal level. 
"Managing the logistics side of the event would have taken me away from enjoying the experience we've been looking forward to for so long. Thanks to Marco, I can finally take a step back and spend some quality time with my team."

Marco helped syndicate host memorable offsite event with 100% employee satisfaction

With the Marco team at his side, Keenan no longer worries about planning and managing offsite events. He has time to tackle operations and risk management initiatives that will solidify Syndicate’s financial health moving forward. 

Take a look at the results Marco drove for the Syndicate team on their first partnered trip: 

  • 20 hours of event planning saved
  • 100% employee satisfaction 
  • 7 vendors delivered a memorable experience

Since the offsite, Keenan’s team has experienced a new level of comradery and a stronger drive to deliver on Syndicate’s core mission. With a regular cadence of offsites planned, Keenan can’t wait to ramp up the frequency and diversity of Syndicate’s offsites in the future. 

"Marco has a deep understanding of us as a company and what we are looking to accomplish from our offsite events. We can't wait to work with them again on a new retreat!"


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