Allow us to Reintroduce Ourselves

Allow us to reintroduce ourselves…

Note: this newsletter serves to both document my journey building Marco and to highlight effective community-building strategies and trends for companies. This post is focused on Marco.

Not all of our customers know the three things we’re most proud of at Marco:

  1. We save you a sh*tload of time and money: Our north star is saving our customers time and money on corporate group travel, whether it's booking a property or fully planning an offsite.

    Example: We recently saved a Series C company $95K on their company-wide offsite and 100+ planning hours. That’s 6x our service fee for the event in savings!

  2. We deliver best-in-class services: We’re not just vendors; we’re partners. An offsite is one of the most important company moments of the year. You can trust our team to help make it special.


    "We couldn't have done it without the Marco team by our side. Not only did they help with logistical coordination of our events, but they also identified activities that made the experience unforgettable." - Keenan Monroe, Head of Finance at Syndicate

  3. We’re also a tech company: We’re delivering some pretty incredible technology for more scalable group travel….and don’t hate us for saying it, leveraging AI (actually, though).

    Full product demos of some incredible new features are dropping next week 🤫

    If you’re curious to learn more about our focus and how we can help your company save time and money on group travel, HERE is a personal link to my calendar. 

For those who’ve followed our journey at Marco, you know that for the past few years, we've been driven by a single, unwavering mission:

To help companies connect their people through intentional experiences at scale.

There’s a longer version of this story, that predates COVID, to the original version of Marco that began in August of 2019, when I was still an investor at SoftBank’s Vision Fund.

I’ll save that story for another time.


This mission has guided us through various phases, from a virtual experiences marketplace (not another Zoom happy hour) to a corporate group travel platform. 


We’ll pick up from Marco at the beginning of COVID.

Marco began as a virtual events marketplace during COVID, enabling companies to maintain connections through virtual experiences when in-person gatherings were impossible.


Life in many ways returned to normal. But we found that how we live and work, and how companies and teams connect, fundamentally changed.

Culture used to be built in an office, often in one office. That’s no longer the case with 80% of companies distributed.


As we could gather safely in person again, Marco expanded into in-person group experiences ranging from small team events to company holiday parties.

We also began helping companies plan offsites and retreats, or team travel.

What we found as a business was that these company gatherings were central to the cadence of distributed companies.


Transactional work has become a lot easier during COVID. Tools and technology continue to make us more productive.

Collaborative work, creative work, and building connections with team members in many ways are more challenging and require in-person connection.

Offsites and retreats emerged as critical yet challenging events to plan, requiring significant investments from companies, and represented a massive underserved market within travel.

We also found they work! Atlassian reported in their recent 1,000 Days of Disributed Report, "Team gatherings lead to an average 27% increase in feelings of connection, and this boost lasts 4-5 months.”

Group Travel is a massive untapped market.

Through planning hundreds of these gatherings, we identified key needs:

  • Efficiency and Savings: We needed to help companies save both time and money on group travel to be their best partners.

  • Scalability: We needed to develop technology that caters to both small teams and entire companies.

For the past six months, we have been diligently working on new product features and offerings to meet these needs.

We’re excited to share more over the next couple of months as we release them!

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